WI: Hanford Substation Fire (March 1945)

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    On March 10, 1945, one of the last Japanese fire balloons fell on high voltage direct current lines leading to Midway Substation, which served Hanford Site. The bomb shorted out the line and led to a minor fire that quickly extinguished, but there were forced outages lasting several minutes at B Reactor and D Reactor, and for almost an hour at F Reactor.

    What if the bomb had fallen directly on Midway Substation itself and caught the highly flammable electrical equipment on fire? Could it have led to the reactors melting down or otherwise being rendered unusable due to resorting to impure Columbia River water and/or borated water? How long would it take to restore production at the site, especially if the substation has to be replaced? There's a backlog of a few years now to replace one because the equipment isn't commonly produced and must be custom made, but maybe it was lower in 1945, especially for a high priority project?

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