AHC/WI: World's Fairs More Prominent Than the Olympics

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    World's fairs existed well before the Modern Olympic Games and were the site of many important events in history. For example, the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago demonstrated the utility of electric lighting. President McKinley was assassinated at the 1901 World's Fair in Buffalo. The 1907 World's Fair in Hampton Roads brought the area's maritime importance to prominence again for the first time since the American Civil War, and the Exposition grounds were later developed into Naval Station Norfolk. Other prominent World's Fairs include the 1939 World's Fair in New York City (which was the first to focus on the future and coined the term Futurama), 1962 World's Fair in Seattle (which the Space Needle was built for), 1964/1965 World's Fair in New York City (considered a showcase of the Space Age), and 1967 Montreal World's Fairs (the most successful of the 20th century World's Fairs).

    After the 1960s the World's Fairs declined in prominence, and while they continue to be held they are no where near competitive with the Olympics. It seems that the World's Fair concept has more in favor of it than the Olympics though. World's Fairs can be about whatever people want, although they tend to be showcases of science, culture, technology, and consumerism. A country doesn't have to build grand sports complexes that will only be used once in order to host a World's Fair. Is there any way for the World's Fair concept to continue beyond the 1960s in prominence, eventually overtaking the Olympics as the premier international event?

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