AHC/WI: Imperial Japan in Europe (World War I)

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    Imperial Japan entered World War I on the side of the Entente in order to secure the Pacific colonies and possessions of Austria-Hungary and Imperial Germany for itself (more on the Japanese involvement here). Those were seized by the end of 1914, after which Imperial Japan largely kept to its interests in the Pacific and took advantage of the situation to try to increase its influence in China. The only forces deployed outside of the Pacific were some destroyers and cruisers sent to South Africa and Malta. Other contributions included the sale of Arabe class destroyers to France and Arisaka rifles to the Royal Navy and Imperial Russia.

    Is there any way that Imperial Japan might have been brought into a wider role in World War I, especially in Europe? What would it have taken to get major Imperial Japanese naval assets committed (perhaps even some Kongo class battlecruisers) or even ground forces, and how much could they impact the war?

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